Why is weight gain considered the first health enemy?

In this article, we answer three questions:

First: Why is obesity and overweight considered the number one health enemy?

Second: What is the ideal weight and how do we reach it?

Third: Important tips to maintain weight..

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Is obesity really the number one enemy to health?!

This may be very logical, as all people have become aware of a lot about the damage and psychological and physical diseases caused by obesity and being overweight. If we allow internal doctors to talk about the effect of obesity on human internal health, they may write volumes about it and write novels, but it may suffice. Obesity has a bad reputation as one of the main causes of high blood sugar, high blood pressure and heart disease.

As for the psychological aspect, there is nothing wrong with it. Lack of self-confidence, depression, anxiety and what is beyond them are among the pathological conditions that obesity may cause.

امراة تعاني من زيادة الوزن

As for orthopedic and articular diseases, I can almost assure you that more than sixty percent of clinic visitors are patients with osteoarthritis, especially knees, herniated discs, and back pain, of which obesity is the first cause of occurrence.

The pressure that these joints, vertebrae, and muscles bear, causes them to be destroyed early, then the person lives between the world of medicines and its problems or the world of surgery and its complications, and loses the pleasure and pleasure of life between continuous pain or activities that he cannot perform.

خشونة الركبة

What is the ideal weight and how do I get it?
The internationally recognized standard is the body mass index (BMI).

It is an abbreviation for body mass index

To calculate your BMI, you must know your weight in kilograms and your height in metres

BMI = weight in kilograms divided by the square of height in metres

After calculating it, you compare it with the following table to find out your degree of obesity

BMI Body Condition Indicator
Less than 15 very severe weight loss
From 15 to 16 severe weight loss
From 16 to 18.5 weight loss
From 18.5 to 25 normal weight
25 to 30 weight gain
From 30 to 35 first degree obesity
From 35 to 40 degree II obesity
More than 40 very obese
After all this ..

How do I maintain or reach the ideal weight?
I will not talk here about people who have pathological reasons for gaining weight, such as patients with hypothyroidism or other endocrine diseases or patients who take cortisone medications to treat autoimmune diseases, although even these patients can control their weight..But I am talking here about healthy people….

Undoubtedly, the first reason for failure is lack of will or weak will…Do you agree with me?!

Please write your opinions in the comments…

Social media has made the culture of health reach every home, and the topic of maintaining weight or losing weight has won an important rank and favor from this culture, and if you asked any obese how to reduce your weight, he would answer you in at least ten ways…. Where is the defect?

The defect lies in commitment and lack of will…

The culture of sports and commitment to it is a difficult thing for many people

And weak will in front of the temptations of delicious food may be more difficult…

Many people who visited me in my clinic had adhered to a diet such as keto, for example

فوائد الطعام الصحي

By sticking to delicious, non-fattening meals

Or even gastric bypass surgery, sleeve gastrectomy, or others, and my desire was to ask them if they had previous pictures of them when they were obese, and then I meant to ask them how they felt, even though they lost the pleasure of food for a while, but the irony is that one hundred percent used to say (it is another life) Some of them adjusted their pressure and dispensed with pressure pills, and some of them adjusted their blood sugar, and some of them became craving to go to the market to buy clothes after it was a nightmare, and among the girls who increased their self-confidence and became enjoying fitness, grace and psychological comfort after suffering with depression and anxiety.

So, the most important thing in the matter is the commitment to physical exercises, and it is better that they be simple and continuous than that they are strenuous and intermittent (permanent, even if less).

Commitment to a healthy lifestyle and nutrition

افضل التمارين الرياضية لتخفيف الوزن

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