10 Facts About Pain ? What is Pain? Reality of Pain and Pain Physiology?

What is pain - What is the reality of pain - Physiology of pain - Facts about pain

What is pain – What is the reality of pain – Physiology of pain – Facts about pain

Facts about pain:

1.Life will not pass without pain, it is a matter of knowledge of something and a deep understanding of the reality of life.

2.Pain is a physical warning that indicates the presence of a defect or disorder somewhere in the body. It is a symptom of a disease that must be discovered and treated.

3.Pain is of two types, physical pain such as colic, headache, and emotional pain, which are cases of psychological pain that afflict some people in many psychological diseases such as anxiety and tension.

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4. The skin is affected by chemical, thermal and mechanical influences such as burns and bruises. As for the internal organs, they are affected by mechanical influences. To understand this, it is sufficient to know that burning the intestines is not painful, while the gases accumulated in it cause pressure that leads to severe pain. .

5.The feeling of pain varies from person to person according to genetic factors, and in general, women feel more pain than men because their body contains twice as much nerve fibers as men, which makes their sense of pain stronger. and for a longer period.

6.There are many forms of pain, including:

  • Constant and deep pain like backache.
  • Cutting pain like cutting a knife.
  • Sharp and severe pain like renal colic.
  • Burning pain like a Heartburn.

7.There is a so-called referred pain is the pain that a person feels in a particular area of the body and does not always indicate the location of the problem, because this pain has spread to that area from another area.

For example, the pain caused by a heart attack can appear in the form of pain coming from the arm, because the sensory information coming from the heart and the arm meet on the same nerve pathways in the spinal cord, as well as the right shoulder pain in cases of cholecystitis.

What is pain - What is the reality of pain - Physiology of pain - Facts about pain

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8.Pain has a special nerve pathway, so pain-specific sensory receptors are scattered throughout the body. It transmits signals in the form of electrical impulses along the nerves to the spinal cord, and then to the brain, which is the center of pain.

9. When exposed to a certain damage in a certain place, the white blood cells secrete a substance called prostaglandin, which is responsible for congestion, heat and pain.

10.Acute pain lasts less than a month, chronic pain lasts more than 6 months, and pain that lasts between one and six months we call it subacute pain.

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