Treatment of herniated disc and back pain by stretching…

…According to international studies, back pain is the most common pain in the world … and it is no wonder that the spine carries many daily burdens..

But most of the drugs that help relieve back pain are harmful to the stomach and kidneys, in addition to that, surgeries are not always the best solution or the best option for many patients.

Therefore, it is natural for any patient to look for the safest solutions away from the harm of painkillers and surgeries..and among these options are tightening…by a device
Inversion table, or inverted table, is one of the most important devices that have proven effective… in the treatment of herniated discs

Teeter EP-960 Inversion Table

It helps in:

  1. Treatment of neck pain cervicalgia caused by long sitting behind desks or in front of electronics
  2. Treatment of lower and middle back pain, dorsalgia
    3.Treatment of disc pain, herniated disc, and sciatica. I have some examples of cases in which the disc was cured due to the negative pressure and tension applied by this traction table on the vertebrae, muscles and joints, which leads to the retraction of the disc material and the removal of pressure on the nerve.
    4.Treatment of myalgia
  3. Treatment of pain in some joints such as the knee, hip and sacroiliac joints

What is the way this device works… In the following explanatory video, we show how it works in the treatment of herniated disc by relying on body weight in a simple, smooth, and gradual pulling of the back vertebrae without any damage, and this tightening, in turn, raises the pressure on the damaged nerve

This is another video that explains the mechanism of disc or herniated disc and how the inversion table treats this problem..

You can order the device from Amazon, you can click here

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